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Kansas Upland Hunt with Wing Addiction Podcast

November, 2021

I was lucky enough to win a hunt with the Wing Addiction Podcast through their Patreon giveaway. Conditions were tough on the dogs, but we were able to bag us a few roosters and some quail. We had an absolute blast out there with these guys. Make sure you get some Confucius wisdom!

Flush 'Em and Dust 'Em Podcast - Boykin Spaniel

June 2023

I got to join Nick and Tyler to talk upland and duck hunting, but most importantly, talk about the Boykins. We discussed the history of the breed, how they hunt, and how they differ from other breeds out there. Also went over the trips I have planned for later this season with Traveller and our goals for the year.

Bourbon and Boykins on The Upland Rookie Podcast

December, 2021

I had a great time talking upland and waterfowl hunting with Will on the Upland Rookie Podcast. We jumped all over from travel delays, our hunting trips this year, and favorite libation of choice. PSA: I misspoke as the mallard limit is 2 in my area of Virginia, but it is 1 goose. Hope you enjoy!


Outdoor Adventure Series Podcast

March 2022

Joined Howard on his Outdoor Adventure Series Podcast talking about the pups, what brought me into hunting, writing, and the love of the outdoors. Got pretty far into hunting with Dad when I was younger and traveling in his old beat up Jeeps, and some great advice Dad gave me.

Upland Nomads Podcast

April, 2022

Talked everything from dogs, writing, and hunting all the way to chicken nuggets with the Upland Nomads. What's your pick: Chic Fil A or Mickey D's?

Bird Camp Podcast

August, 2022

Spoke to Joe about Boykins, moving to Michigan, and what to look forward to with all the opportunities in the "Mitten State"

Boykin Frenzy with Wing Addiction

October, 2023

Got to meet back up with Josh and Leslie of Wing Addiction podcast. Talked about Traveller, Cooper, and our plans for this hunting season.

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