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Published Work

Published Work: Work

Heart Attack Birds

October 2023

Upland Almanac

If you happen to need some sound shooting advice, this isn't for you. But if you are need of a new experimental shooting technique, read ahead!


Boykin Spaniel: Hunting Dog Breed Profile

Nov 2022

Wildfowl Magazine

Breed Profile for Wildfowl Magazine about our favorite little brown dogs. If you're looking at getting a boykin or interested in the breed, here is some general information

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The Best Ways to Keep an Aging Dog Active

May, 2022

Gun Dog Mag

Your older gun dog may not be as good as they once were, but that doesn't mean it's time to hang it up just yet.


Nimrod's Packing List

Jan 2022

Boykin Spaniel Magazine

The Incomplete Idiot's Guide to packing for a hunting trip. Lessons learned by yours truly.

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An Ode to the Old Ways

December 2021

Sporting Classics Daily

We all know the type. Maybe it’s you, most likely it’s your old man or, perhaps, a grandfather. The one that is stuck in the “good old days”. Quick story about growing up hunting with my Dad


Riding Shotgun

Feb, 2021

Hunting Dog Confidential 2.1, Spring 2021

Short story about Traveller's first rooster trip out west. If you're interested in upland hunting with a Boykin, I describe how they hunt in here

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Hunting With Dad

Nov, 2021

Feathers & Whiskey Nov 2021

Short funny story about one of my most memorable hunts with Dad


Why We Go

March 2021

Boykin Spaniel Society Magazine

This was an older article I wrote for the BSS magazine on some different reasons that I personally go hunting. Hopefully some of yall can relate

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